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A student in the doctoral program must attend and register 1 credit hour for weekly seminars (CHEM 597) each semester in residence. Each student also must attend and register 1 hour (credit or audit) for CHEM 595 divisional seminars each semester in residence. In addition, they must earn three credit hours of Chemistry 595 by presenting three seminars. These seminars include one based on the current literature, the second on the topic of an original research proposal, and the final seminar on the student's own research (dissertation defense). The student must finish the graded seminar by the end of second year in residence and the second seminar on the research proposal by the end of the third year in residence. Failure to complete these graded seminars by these deadlines will result in discontinuation of assistantship support until the requirements are fulfilled. Only the last two seminars are required 3/5 Effective 12/13/07 of students who have presented an acceptable seminar (with a grade of B or better) in the master's program of this school before transferring to the doctoral program.