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Coursework Requirement

Each student must complete the courses specified by the student's graduate committee in the program of study. Generally, these will include the courses specified by the major division for doctoral degree students. (See Appendix II.) The minimum course requirement for doctoral students includes at least 21 credit hours of 500-level lecture-style courses and follows the “2+2+3” format. All doctoral students must take for credit at least two courses (six semester hours) within the student’s major field (courses listed in Appendix II) and at least two courses (six semester hours) from outside the major field. For guidelines on suitable courses outside the major division see Appendix III. In addition, students must also take 3 lecture-style courses at the 500-level which must be approved by the Student’s Graduate Committee. These 3 courses may be within the student’s major division or may be from outside the major field or outside the School. Non-lecture 500-level courses such as CHEM 592, CHEM 594, CHEM 595, CHEM 596, CHEM 597, CHEM 598, and CHEM 599 cannot be used to meet this requirement. Only 500-level lecture-style courses offered by the Chemistry School are eligible in addition to CHEM 451B, CHEM 456, CHEM 468, and CHEM 479 which may be used to meet this 21-credit hour requirement. Other 400-level courses or remedial courses cannot be applied towards this requirement. Eligible courses taken while in the master's program in the chemistry school at SIUC may be applied to these school course requirements. Students in the Ph. D program must finish the “2+2+3” courses along with remedial courses (if any) by the end of second year in residence. Failure to complete the required courses by the end of the second year will result in discontinuation of assistantship support until these requirements are fulfilled. A student's graduate committee may increase any of these course requirements. For a student working in a crossdivisional area, the committee will design an appropriate program of study in consultation with the Graduate Advisor and the faculty of the divisions involved. For courses with grade of S/U or audit courses, if a student receives cumulative three unsatisfactory grades (U or UAU) anytime during the course of their studies, then the assistantship support will be reduced to 25% for the following one semester.