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Committee Selection

Research Director and Graduate Committee Selection

Each student must select a research director and graduate committee no later than the end of the second semester in residence. Failure to select a research director and graduate committee by the end of the second semester will result in discontinuation of assistantship support until this requirement is fulfilled. The student must obtain a selection form provided by the Graduate Advisor and interview at least four faculty members before selecting a research director and graduate committee. Each faculty member interviewed should initial the selection form. After selecting a research director, the student, in consultation with the research director, will select a graduate committee and request each member of the committee to serve. The members of the committee indicate their willingness to serve by signing the selection form. This request to form a committee is approved by the school Chair or Graduate Advisor. The committee shall consist of the research director (Chair), at least one member of the major division other than the research director, a member outside the major division, and a member outside the school. The committee must have a minimum of five members. The chair of the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences, if not otherwise appointed, is an ex-officio member of every graduate committee. An additional member or members may be appointed to the committee if desired by the student or research director. A student entering the doctoral program from the master's program may either establish a new graduate committee or keep the existing committee (provided it is properly constituted for the doctoral program).