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Graduate Committee Functions

The committee will meet as soon as possible after being appointed to plan the student's program of study. It is the student's responsibility to see that the committee is formed and that this initial meeting is scheduled within six months after the date the student has chosen a research director. At this time the progress and program form is completed and filed with the Graduate Advisor. The committee will meet whenever necessary (but at least once per year) to (1) review the student's progress in courses and suggest and approve changes in the program of study, (2) evaluate the student's progress in research and make appropriate recommendations, and (3) determine whether the student should continue toward a degree. After every committee meeting, the student’s research director must file a report detailing a) student’s progress, b) milestones for next year, and c) needed remedial courses, research tools etc (if any). These reports will be used by the school while determining eligibility for assistantship support. Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to make sure that committee meets at least once a year. Failure to have the annual meeting will result in reduction of assistantship support to 25% until the requirement is fulfilled. If continuation is denied, the committee must notify in writing the school chair of the reasons for this denial. For students admitted to the doctoral program without a master's degree, the committee may require the preparation and defense of a master's thesis even if previous approval of directly pursuing a Ph.D. degree has been given by the faculty. After the student completes the cumulative examination series and an original research proposal, the committee will administer the preliminary oral examination. After the student completes the program of study, a research project, and a dissertation, the committee will read and evaluate the dissertation and conduct a final oral examination.