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Gary Kinsel

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Gary Kinsel

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The investigation of pulsed rf plasmas polymerization for the surface modification of Matrix Assisted laser/Desorption Ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry targets.

The utilization of suface modified MALDI targets in proteomics applications and for the discovery of novel cellular biomarkers of biological interest.

The investigation of novel methods for MALDI sample and target preparation to achieve enhancement of analyte ionization efficeincy in proteomics applications.

Fundamental investigation of the equilibrium nature of the MALDI desorption plume and determination of the thermochemical properties of relevant MALDI matrix species.

The investigation of laser initiate donor to biomolecule intracluster proton transfer for the elucidation of the mechanism of MALDI analyte ionization.zdfsd


B.S., Western Illinois University
Ph.D., The University of Colorado at Boulder
Postdoc, The Technical University of Munich
Postdoc, Texas A&M University
SIU, Analytical Chemistry Faculty


Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award (2002)
National Science Foundation- CAREER Award (1999)
Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship (1990-1991)
Award for Graduate Student Teaching Excellence (1989)
Annual Award for Best Research Publication (1988)

Selected Publications

Li, M.; Timmons, R. B.; Kinsel, G. R. "RF plasma polymer coatings for affinity capture MALDI mass spectrometry" Anal. Chem. 2005, 77, 350-353.

H. J. Griesser, P. Kingshott, S. L. McArthur, K. M. Mclean, G. R. Kinsel and R. B. Timmons, "Surface-MALDI mass spectrometry in biomaterials research", Biomaterials 2004, 25, 4861-4875.

G. R. Kinsel, Q. Zhao, J. Narayanasamy, F. Yassin, H. V. R. Dias, B. Niesner, K. Prater, C. St. Marie, L. Ly and D. S. Marynick "Arginine/2,5-Dihydroxybenzoic Acid Clusters: An Experimental and Computation Study of the Gas Phase and Solid State Systems", J. Phys. Chem. A 2004, 108, 3153-3161.

J. Zhang and G. R. Kinsel, "Evaluation of Surface-Protein Binding Constants by Matrix-Assisted laser Desorption / Ionozation Mass Spectrometry", Langmuir 2003, 19, 3531-3534.

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