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Boyd Goodson

Professor, Distinguished Scholar and Associate Dean, College of Agricultural, Life and Physical Sciences

Boyd Goodson
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Current research interests of the Goodson Group: NMR and MRI enjoy wide applicability but suffer from poor detection sensitivity.  For this reason, imaging and spectroscopy of low-concentration species—such as gases in lung spaces or metabolites in tissues—can be particularly challenging.  To combat such problems, we are pursuing two “hyperpolarization” methods: (1) spin-exchange optical pumping (SEOP), a technique whereby high-power lasers are used to prepare hyperpolarized noble gases (primarily for enhanced biological imaging and spectroscopic applications); and (2) Signal Amplification by Reversible Exchange ("SABRE"), a chemical process where organometallic catalysts are used to transfer the high nuclear spin order of para-hydrogen to molecular agents for applications—including for ultimate use as metabolic MRI contrast agents to probe responses to treatment of various diseases.


A.B., Princeton University
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Postdoctoral Scholar, NSF Laboratory for Molecular Sciences at the California Institute of Technology


SIU System Inventor of the Year (2022)
University Scholar Excellence Award (2020)
Named one of the 2020 “Researchers to Know” by the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition (2020)
Scholar Excellence Award, College of Science, SIUC (2018)
Inductee, National Academy of Inventors, SIUC Chapter (2017)
CURCA Award of Distinction, Center for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities, SIUC (2017)
Kaplan Award for Research, Sigma Xi Society, SIUC Chapter (2015)
Cottrell Scholar Award (2005)
NSF Career Award (2004-2009)
Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award, Oak Ridge Associated Universities (2003)
Research Innovation Award, Research Corporation (2002)
Eastman Fellowship, Physical Chemistry, Eastman Chemical Company (1998-1999)
Robert Thornton McKay Prize in Physical Chemistry, Princeton University (1995)

Selected Recent Publications

“Near-unity nuclear polarization with an ‘open-source’ 129Xe hyperpolarizer for NMR and MRI.” P Nikolaou, AM Coffey, LL Walkup, BM Gust, S Barcus, N Whiting, H Newton, I Muradyan, M Dabaghyan, G.D. Moroz, MS Rosen, S Patz, MJ Barlow, EY Chekmenev, BM Goodson, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 110, 14150-14155 (2013).

“A 3D-Printed High Power Nuclear Spin Polarizer.” P. Nikolaou, A.M. Coffey, L. L. Walkup, B.M. Gust, C.D. LaPierre, E. Koehnemann, M.J. Barlow, M.S. Rosen, B.M. Goodson, E.Y. Chekmenev, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 136, 1636−1642 (2014) (; Highlighted in JACS Spotlight: "Printing Scientific Instruments on Demand" (Berg, E.G.), 136, 1681−1681 (2014).

“Heterogeneous Solution NMR Signal Enhancement by Reversible Exchange (HET-SABRE).” F. Shi, A.M. Coffey, K.W. Waddell, E.Y. Chekmenev, and B.M. Goodson, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. DOI: 10.1002 / anie.201403135; 53 (29), 7495–7498 (2014).

“Microtesla SABRE Enables 10% Nitrogen-15 Nuclear Spin Polarization.” Thomas Theis, Milton Truong, Aaron M. Coffey, Kevin Waddell, Fan Shi, Boyd Goodson, Warren S. Warren, and Eduard Y. Chekmenev, J. Am. Chem. Soc., DOI: 10.1021/ja512242d; published online Jan. 15, 2015; 137, 1404−1407 (2015).

“Heterogeneous Microtesla SABRE Enhancement of 15N NMR Signals.” Kirill V. Kovtunov, Larisa M. Kovtunova, Max E. Gemeinhardt, Andrey V. Bukhtiyarov, Jonathan Gesiorski, Valerii I. Bukhtiyarov, Eduard Y. Chekmenev, Igor V. Koptyug, Boyd M. Goodson. Angew. Chem. Intl. Ed., DOI: 10.1002/anie.201705014, published online June 23, 56, 10433 –10437 (2017).

“Toward Cleavable Metabolic / pH Sensing "Double Agents" Hyperpolarized via NMR Signal Amplification by Reversible Exchange.” B.E. Kidd, J.A. Mashni, M.N. Limbach, F. Shi, E.Y. Chekmenev, Y. Hou, B.M. Goodson, Chem.-Eur. J.,, published online May 25 (2018); 24, 10641 – 10645 (2018).

“Facile Removal of Homogeneous SABRE Catalysts for Purifying Hyperpolarized Metronidazole, a Potential Hypoxia Sensor.” B.E. Kidd, J.L. Gesiorski, M.E. Gemeinhardt, R.V. Shchepin, K.V. Kovtunov, I.V. Koptyug, E.Y. Chekmenev, B.M. Goodson, J. Phys. Chem. C. 122, 16848−16852 (2018).

“‘Direct’ 13C Hyperpolarization of 13C-Acetate by MicroTesla NMR Signal Amplification by Reversible Exchange (SABRE).” ME Gemeinhardt, MN Limbach, TR Gebhardt, CW Eriksson, SL Eriksson, JR Lindale, EA Goodson, WS Warren, EY Chekmenev, BM Goodson, Angew. Chem. Intl. Ed. published online DOI: 10.1002/anie.201910506 (2019); 59, 418–423 (2020).

"Batch-Mode Clinical-Scale Optical Hyperpolarization of Xenon-129 Using an Aluminum Jacket with Rapid Temperature Ramping." J Birchall, P Nikolaou, A Coffey, B Kidd, M Murphy, M. Molway, L Bales, BM Goodson, R Irwin, M Barlow, E Chekmenev, Anal. Chem. 92, 4309−4316 (2020).

“A modular apparatus for use in high-precision measurements of parity violation in polarized eV neutron transmission.” [NOPTREX Collaboration], Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, 969 163961 (2020).

“Cobalt-Catalyzed Hyperpolarization of Structurally Intact Olefins.” Safiyah R. Muhammad, Rianna B. Greer, Steven B. Ramirez, Boyd M. Goodson, and Alison R. Fout, ACS Catalysis 11, 2011-2020 (2021).

"Enabling Clinical Technologies for Hyperpolarized Xenon-129 MRI and Spectroscopy." Alixander S. Khan, Rebecca L. Harvey, Jonathan R. Birchall, Robert K. Irwin, Panayiotis Nikolaou, Geoffry Schrank, Kiarash Emami, Andrew Dummer, Michael J. Barlow, Boyd M. Goodson, Eduard Y. Chekmenev, invited review submitted to Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., published online May 20: (2021).

“Low-Cost High-Pressure Clinical-Scale 50% Parahydrogen Generator Using Liquid Nitrogen at 77 K.” Benjamin Chapman, Baptiste Joalland, Collier Meersman, Jessica Ettedgui, Rolf E Swenson, Murali C Krishna, Panayiotis Nikolaou, Kirill V Kovtunov, Oleg G Salnikov, Igor V Koptyug, Max E Gemeinhardt, Boyd M Goodson, Roman V Shchepin, Eduard Y Chekmenev Anal. Chem. 93, 8476–8483 (2021).

“Order‐Unity 13C Nuclear Polarization of [1‐13C] Pyruvate in Seconds and the Interplay of Water and SABRE Enhancement.” Isaiah Adelabu, Patrick TomHon, Mohammad SH Kabir, Shiraz Nantogma, Mustapha Abdulmojeed, Iuliia Mandzhieva, Jessica Ettedgui, Rolf E Swenson, Murali C Krishna, Thomas Theis, Boyd M Goodson, Eduard Y Chekmenev, ChemPhysChem, DOI: (2022).

"Dramatic Improvement in the “Bulk” Hyperpolarization of 131Xe via Spin Exchange Optical Pumping Probed Using in Situ Low-Field NMR." Michael J Molway, Liana Bales-Shaffer, Kaili Ranta, James Ball, Eleanor Sparling, Mia Prince, Daniel Cocking, Dustin Basler, Megan Murphy, Bryce E Kidd, Abdulbasit Tobi Gafar, Justin Porter, Kierstyn Albin, Matthew S Rosen, Eduard Y Chekmenev, W Michael Snow, Michael J Barlow, Boyd M Goodson, J. Magn. Reson. published online at (2023). 

"Anomalously Large Antiphase Signals from Hyperpolarized Orthohydrogen Using a MOF‐Based SABRE Catalyst." Md Shahabuddin Alam, Xinlin Li, Drew O Brittin, Saiful Islam, Pravas Deria, Eduard Y Chekmenev, Boyd M Goodson, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 62 (8) e202213581 (2023).