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Michael J. Lydy

Adjunct Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry

Michael J. Lydy

Office: 179 Life Science II
Phone: 618-453-4091

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The major research foci of the Lydy laboratory include evaluating the fate and effects of agrochemicals, studying the effects of multiple stressors on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, and developing a better understanding of the chemical and biological factors affecting toxicity, bioavailability and bioaccumulation.


BA, Wittenberg University

MS ,Miami University, Miami OH

Ph.D., The Ohio State University        

Courses taught

Principles of Toxicology, Environmental Risk Assessment, Aquatic Toxicology, Analytical Techniques,  Introduction to GC-MS

Selected recent publications (Total publications >175)

Lydy, M.J., A.D. Harwood, S. Nutile and P.F. Landrum. 2015. Tenax extraction of sediments to estimate desorption and bioavailability of hydrophobic contaminants: A literature review. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management. doi:10.1002/ieam.1603. Featured article.

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Strain, K.E., S.A. Mueting and M.J. Lydy. 2014. Laboratory and field validation of a Cry1Ab protein quantitation methods for water. Talanta.128: 109-116.

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Weston, D.P. and M.J. Lydy. 2014. Toxicity of the insecticide fipronil and its degradates to benthic macroinvertebrates of urban streams. Environmental Science and Technology. 48: 1290-1297.

Mackenbach, E.M., A.D. Harwood, M.A. Mills, P.F. Landrum and M.J. Lydy. 2014. Application of a Tenax model to assess bioavailability of polychlorinated biphenyls in field sediments. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 33 (2): 286-292.

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Li, H., B. Sun, X. Chen, M.J. Lydy, J. You. 2013. Addition of contaminant bioavailability and species susceptibility to a sediment toxicity assessment: Application in an urban stream in China.             Environmental Pollution. 178: 135-141.

Weston, D.P., Y. Ding, M. Zhang and M.J. Lydy. 2013. Identifying the cause of sediment toxicity in agricultural sediments: The role of pyrethroids and nine seldom-measured hydrophobic pesticides. Chemosphere. 90:958-964.