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Research Opportunities

The most exciting facet of a science like chemistry is the opportunity to work at the frontiers of knowledge. Our majors are encouraged to participate in the research programs of the faculty. Students learn in this way what chemistry is really about on a day-to-day level and develop relationships with faculty who can help the student find a job or get into the graduate school of their choice. Undergraduates work on projects using lasers, inductively-coupled plasmas, high-level computers and workstations, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, and scanning tunneling microscopes. Participation may result in academic credit or a paid student work position.


The SIU Carbondale McNair Scholars Program helps students realize their full potential by providing enriching educational experiences for low-income, first-generation college students and members of underserved groups in higher education. Beginning with a strong mentoring network, McNair scholars are fully supported and engaged in educational and professional development activities that lay the foundation for stellar research and academic skills.


This competitive program, open to all disciplines, offers 20 grant awards each year to students working on an independent research project with a faculty mentor. REACH also sponsors the University's annual Undergraduate Research Forum, held in late March or early April, in which students present posters describing their research projects.