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Financial Assistance

Tution and Fees

As a publicly supported institution, we offer exceptional value.  Remember, the tuition rate you pay as a freshman locks in for four years. Also, there no longer is out of state tuition.  All undergraduates pay the in-state rate. If your parent or guardian is an SIU alum, you may be eligible for the Legacy Alternate Tuition Rate.

Financial Aid

Nearly 80 percent of SIU students receive financial aid. Our financial aid counselors are ready to help you walk through the application process, and help you receive any aid for which you qualify.


The University awards more than $8 million in scholarships to undergraduate students each year. More than $1.7 million of that goes to new students each year. More than 350 incoming students earn scholarships each year through SIU Carbondale’s Academic Scholarship Office. The College of Science, alone, has nearly 70 scholarships to award. Go here to view these scholarships or to search for scholarships at the University level.

The Chemistry school offers a number of scholarships and awards each year. Application for school scholarships should be made by going to the SIU Undergraduate Scholarships website (, clicking on “SIU General Scholarship Application” and searching for Keyword “Chemistry.” The deadline for these applications is normally January 31.

Graduate students should contact the Graduate School or their academic school to obtain scholarship information.  International Students can also obtain scholarship information through International Students and Scholars

Federal Work Study

The school employs a number of students in our stockrooms, to prepare instructional laboratories, and in numerous research labs. These activities are sponsored by the school and the Federal Work Study Program. Chemistry majors are given preference in these jobs. Undergraduate chemistry majors may compete for several monetary awards, on the basis of outstanding scholastic performance.