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John Koropchak

Professor Emeritus

John Koropchak

Phone: 618-453-4551
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My research at SIUC emphasizes analytical instrumentation with a common theme being the application and optimization of aerosol techniques as used for chemical analysis.


A.B. Lafayette College
Ph.D., University of Georgia

Selected Publications

Q. Lu and J.A. Koropchak, "A Corona Discharge Neutralizer for Electrospray Aerosols Used with Condensation Nucleation Light Scattering Detection", Analytical Chemistry, 76, 5539-5546 (2004).

J. You and J.A. Koropchak, "Condensation Nucleation Light Scattering Detection with Ion Chromatography for Direct Determination of Glysophate and its Metabolite in Water", J. Chromatogr., 989, 231-238 (2003).

L.-E. Magnusson, J.A. Koropchak, M.P. Anisimov, V.M. Poznajakovsky, and J.F. de la Mora, "Correlations for Vapor Nucleating Critical Embryo Parameters", J. Phys. Chem Ref Data, 32, 1387-1410 (2003); also chosen to appear in Virtual J. Nanoscale Sci. & Tech., 8(4), (2003).

X. Zhang and J. A. Koropchak, "Speciation of Chromium OxidationStates within Thermospray: Mechanistic Studies", Applied Spectroscopy, 56(9), 1152-1160 (2002).

Q. Wang, S. Sadai, and J. A. Koropchak, "Investigationof the Condensation Nucleation Light Scattering Detection (CNLSD)for Carbohydrates with Ion-exchange and Hydrophilic InteractionSeparations", Amer. Biotechnology Lab., 19(7), 22-24 (2001).

M. L. Kearns, L. Magnusson, W. Gou, A. Brenner, J. A. Koropchak and D. S. Risley, "Determination ofWeak UV-Absorbing Drug Substances Using Capillary Electrophoresiswith Condensation Nucleation Light Scattering Detection", LC-GC, 19(6), 624-631 (2001).

J. A. Koropchak, R. Marquardt, X. Zhang and D. Chen, "Thermospray Sample Introduction to Atomic Spectrometry", Microchemical Journal, 66, 17-53 (2000). (INVITED)