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The School of Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences offers B.S. degrees in both Chemistry and Biochemistry, with the chemistry majors having specializations in Comprehensive Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Chemical Education and Business (B.A.). Both majors share common Foundation courses. Classes for the majors are taught with the University Honor’s program and are separate from the non-major tracks, which allows small class sizes. The required in-depth courses and electives distinguish the majors and specializations.

The Chemistry and Biochemistry majors will enjoy individualized advisement by a faculty member as well as opportunities for unique undergraduate research experiences. A student can easily find a matching research interest among the faculty covering expertise in all major areas of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

For those wishing to pursue advanced studies in Chemistry and Biochemistry we offer both Master's and Doctoral Programs in all major fields of Chemistry.

A non-tenure-track Assistant Professor of Practice position is open in the School. Please see the announcement for details.  

Weekly Seminar

The School hosts weekly seminars from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm in Neckers 240 unless otherwise noted. These seminars feature speakers from universities throughout the United States and beyond describing the latest advances in their fields.  

5/3/24 Professor Michael E. Olson (SIU School of Medicine), "Survive and advance: Bacterial Survival Stories"