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Spring 2019 Seminar Program

Departmental Seminars are held in the Van Lente Auditorium (Neckers 240) at 4:00 pm unless otherwise indicated.

Date Program
January 18 

Professor Andrew Ferguson, Institute for Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago (Suni)

" Machine Learning and Data Science for Understanding and Design in Colloidal Assembly and Protein Folding  "

January 25  

Professor Leslie Duram, Director of the Environmental Studies Program, Department of Geography, SIUC (Wang)

" Geography and Environmental Studies: an example of an academic career "

February 01

Professor Poopalasingam Sivakumar, Department of Physics, SIUC (Wang)

" Limitations and Challenges of using Raman Spectroscopy in Bioanalysis "

February 08 

Professor Jinjun Liu, Department of Chemistry, University of Louisville (Ge)

" Laser Spectroscopy of Reaction Intermediates in Combustion and Atmospheric Chemistry "

February 15

Professor Mark Byrd, Department of Physics, SIUC (Wang)

" Quantum Computing: A Top View of the Room at the Bottom "

February 22

Professor Hong-Cai (Joe) Zhou, Texas A & M University (Deria)

" Pore Engineering and its Potential Applications "

March 01  No Seminar (MRS Trip)
 March 08

Neckers Lecture: Professor Joseph Hupp, Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University (Deria)

" AIM-ing for Catalyst Synthesis with Single-Atom Precision "

March 15 No Seminar, Spring Break
March 22

Professor Shengqian Ma, University of South Florida (Deria)

" TBA "

March 29

 Professor Xueju Wang, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Missouri (Kohli)

" TBA "

April 05 No Seminar, ACS Meeting
April 12 Meyers Symposium (Hou/Plunkett)
April 19

Professor Thomas Theis, Department of Chemistry, N. Carolina State University (Goodson)

" TBA "

April 26 

Professor Natalia Shustova, University of South Carolina (Deria)

" TBA "

May 03

Dr Michael Blumhorst, Archer Daniels Midland.(Kinsel)

" TBA "