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Fall 2019 Seminar Program

Departmental Seminars are held in the Van Lente Auditorium (Neckers 240) at 4:00 pm unless otherwise indicated.

Date Program
Aug. 23 

Professor Andre Schleife, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UIUC (Wang)

"Excited electronic states: Dielectric screening and hot-electron mediated ion diffusion"

Aug. 30  

Professor Zhihua Du, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, SIUC (Ge)

"Molecular Targets and Tools for the Treatments of Human Diseases: Case Studies on Human Inorganic Pyrophosphatase PPA1 & Bacterial PgiCas13b CRISPR Systems"

Sept. 6

Professor Alison Fout, Department of Chemistry, UIUC (Goodson)


Sept. 13 

Professor Dominik Konkolewicz, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Miami University, OH (Plunkett)

"Synergistic Dynamic Bonds as a Tool to Engineer Soft Materials"

Sept. 20

Gower Symposium.

Speakers: Hanna Giang, Jierui Yu, Tianyu Zhang


Sept. 27

Professor Xiang Zhang, Department of Chemistry, University of Louisville(Ge)

"Development of Mass Spectrometry-based Metabolomics"

Oct. 4

Professor Julia E. Medvedeva Department of Physics, Missouri S&T (Suni)

"Fundamentals of Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors"


Professor Jianbing Jiang, Department of Chemistry, University of Cincinnati (Ge)

"CO2 Reduction Using  Molecular Electrocatalyst with a Redox-Active Ligand"

Oct. 18

Professor Jianjun Cheng, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UIUC (Ge)

"Design, Synthesis and Applications of Polypeptides"

Oct. 25

Professor Julio M. D’Arcy, Department of Chemistry, Washington University (Ge)

"Conducting Polymer Nanostructures from Inorganic Templates"

Nov. 1

 Professor Chad Fresen, Chemistry, Trinity Western Univ. Canada (Gao)

"Advancements and applications of telechelic perfluoropolyalkyethers"

Nov. 8

Professor Diego Gomez-Gualdron, Chemical and Bilogical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines (Deria)

"Computer-accelerated discovery of advanced porous crystals: Are we there yet?"

Nov. 15

Professor Amanda Morris, Department of Chemistry, Viginia Tech (Deria)

"Water Oxidation Catalysis in MOFs enabled by Redox Hopping Electron Transport"

Nov. 22

Professor Tyler Ray, Mechanical Engineering, University of Hawaii (Kohli)

"Bio-Integrated Clinical Diagnostics: From Materials Engineering to Epidermal Sensors"

Nov. 29

No Seminar, Thanksgiving

Dec. 6

Professor Fateme Razaei, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Missouri S&T (Ge) 

"Hybrid Nanocomposite Adsorbents for Gas Storage and Purification Applications"