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Cal Y. Meyers Institute

Funded by a $2,500,000 endowment plus a $500,000 Annuity Trust set up with the Southern Illinois University Foundation in March 2000, the Meyers Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry was initiated. The Institute's raison d'etre is to carry out basic research not restricted to organic chemistry alone but  in areas which will also purposely involve the University as a whole, e.g. College of Science, School of Medicine, College of Agricultural Sciences. Basic research leads to new applications, broad-field publications, and patents. Students undertaking research studies in areas associated with the Institute will have the advantage of interacting with students and faculty members in a variety of disciplines, and thus glean a broad experience in fundamental as well as applied scientific research, making them prime candidates for positions in the scientific, medical and commercial sectors. The Institute is located in the Neckers Building, which houses the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences.