Fall 2017 Seminar Program | Chemistry and Biochemistry | SIU

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Fall 2017 Seminar Program

Departmental Seminars are held in the Van Lente Auditorium (Neckers 240) at 4:00 pm unless otherwise indicated.

Date Program
August 25 

No seminar (Week of Eclipse)

September 01 

No seminar scheduled

September 08

Professor Psaras McGrier, Department of Chemistry, Ohio State University (Plunkett)

" The Synthesis and Design of Functional Covalent Organic Frameworks "

September 15

Professor Michael Shaw, Department of Chemistry, SIUE (Suni)

" Consequences of Reduction of [Ru(NO)(porphyrin)Cl] Complexes in THF "

September 22

Gower Research Symposium (Wang)

Rajesh P. Balaraman

“Beyond the Diffraction Limit: Microlens Based Nanoscopy”

 Zachary J. Kartje

“DNA Substitutions Tune CRISPR Cas9 Cleavage Activity”

 Jiang Zhu

“Exploring the Potential of Using a Novel Cas9 Protein in Genome Editing”

September 29

Professor Jianguo Mei, Department of Chemistry, Purdue University (Plunkett)

" Melt-processable Semiconducting Polymers for Flexible and Stretchable Electronics " 

October 06

Professor Rui Huang, Aerospace Enginnering and Engineering Mechanics, University of Texas Austin (Kohli)

"TBA" Seminar Cancelled

October 13

Cary Anne Janiszewski Simpson, Director Consumable Operations, Waters Corporation  (Wang) Homecoming

Mark Dipietro


October 20

Professor Scott Reid, Department of Chemistry, Marquette University (Wang)

"Energy and Electron Transport in Pi-Stacked Assemblies"

October 27

Dr Karen Mulfort, Solar Energy Conversion Group, Argonne National Laboratory, (Deria)

" Design and Discovery of molecular modules for artificial photosynthesis"

November 03

Professor Bradley Merner, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Auburn University (Plunkett)

"Macrocyclic 1,4-Diketones: Versatile Intermediates for the Chemical Synthesis of Complex, Congested and Constrained Molecules"

November 10

Professor Matthew Young, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, School of Medicine, SIUC (Wang)

" Utilizing biochemistry and human cell lines to study mitochondrial disease "

November 17

Mini-Symposium Starts at 3:00pm

Dr Paramita Mukherjee, Pfizer Inc. (Wang)

"Small Molecule Inhibitors and Chemical Biology Probes Relevant to Neurodegenerative Diseases"

Professor Chulsung Bae, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Gao)

"Molecular Engineering of Aromatic Polymer  Electrolytes for Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells"

November 24

No seminar Thanksgiving Break

December 01

Professor Dana Spence,  Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University (Shamsi)

"Advancing Multiple Sclerosis Diagnostics and Diabetes Therapies through Enabling Technologies and Forgotten Biology"

December 08

Professor Hongliang Xin, Department of Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech (Ge)

"Machine Learning meets Quantum Chemistry: Using Chemisorption Theory, Algorithms, and Data to Design Electrocatalysts"